The Crew of the Dorset Star

Cap’n Howl


Women love him… Men want to be him… at least those who are not trying to cut his throat. No one knows his first name when asked he simply says “Cap’n and don’t you forget it”. Notorious for his cruelty he duels with potential crew members offers them a choice between servitude or death. Hunted by the French, Spanish and English he is safe in only the most lawless of ports.


William “The Weasel” Roberts – Boatswain

The Weasel
Will Roberts grew up in a poor but respectable family in Poole. Apprenticed to the merchant ship The Warwich he enjoyed life at sea until he found himself caught by pirates and consigned to the hold with the rest of the crew. Despair turned to hope when the sound of canon and fighting aboard the pirate ship led the captured crew to believe that rescue by the navy was imminent. However once released he found that he had simply changed captors. Cap’n Howl offered the crew a choice of death or servitude aboard the Dorset Star. Will chose life and has not looked back since. He can turn his hand to anything and has become a useful member of the crew. Unfortunately he has been caught several times impersonating Cap’n Howl much to the captain’s annoyance.

John “The Preacher” Selby

John "The Preacher" Selb

John “The Preacher” Selby

Bigoted, intolerant and obsessed with witches the Preacher ostensibly looks after the spiritual needs of the crew. Born in Poole and orphaned at the age of 10 he was taken to America by a puritan family and grew up in Boston. He served as preacher aboard several American ships until he crossed paths with Cap’n Howl and in a hard won fight was bested by him. Impressed by the preacher’s fighting ability the Cap’n offered 10 years service or death. The Preacher chose life but fully intends to betray Cap’n Howl at the earliest opportunity.

Thomas Thumper – Gunner

TommyThumperTommy Thumper’s life was forever changed by a chance encounter with Cap’n Howl in a drunken brawl.
Foolishly drawing a sword on the captain he was quickly bested and found himself facing the choice of instant death or fifteen years servitude. Tom looks back on that day and realises that maybe it wasn’t a bad choice. The captain teaches him swordplay and he finds himself enjoying the life of piracy more and more.

Benjamin “Little Ben” Little – Gunner

Ben is a hulking brute of a man intimidating people with his strength and size. However when people get to know him they are surprised to meet an educated and intelligent man. Born to a country parson and his wife he chafed against the slow pace of life in the country getting into many scrapes with the local gentry. At the age of 18 he left the small village where he grew up and hasn’t looked back since. Over the years he’s travelled extensively including living with Miskito Indians on the Mosquito Coast in the Carribean. It was here that he learned to be a crack shot with his musket. He voluntarily teamed up with Captain Howl on a trip to the Carribean and has accompanied him ever since. On more than one occasion he’s caused a fat merchantman to surrender by taking out the captain with one shot at long range. Ben also doubles up as the ships cook.

Michael “Man O’War” Paul – Gunner

Mick by Stuart James
Mick originally belonged to another pirate ship that crossed paths with the Dorset Star. Fighting like a demon he was the only survivor. Impressed by his fighting ability Captain Howl offered him a choice, 15 years service or death. Mick chose life and has served on the Dorset Star ever since. A good shot, Mick has a friendly rivalry with Little Ben and tries to outdo him at every opportunity. Addicted to gambling he usually loses most of his loot within a few days and as such is permanently poor. Friendly and always willing to help, people underestimate the berserk ferocity of Mick in battle, hence his name Man O’War. Mick has a fondness for Bess Mawper the pipe smoking madam of the brothel above the Coffee House in Poole


Dr Morgan “Butcher” Valentine – Surgeon

TheValentinesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADr Valentine tells anyone who asks that he started life as the son of a London surgeon. The truth is that he was a poor but intelligent chancer who took fancy to a sheltered apothecary’s daughter from Bristol, Eleanor Sullivan. Worming his way into their lives under the guise of a student physician, he seduced the not unwilling Eleanor and gradually began to take over the business. Unbeknownst to Eleanor he was slowly poisoning her father until one day he eventually died……an hour after he bequeathed his business to Morgan. They married soon after and moved to Poole in Dorset where they tread the thin line between respectable society and the underworld of the quay. He started fixing the wounds of smugglers and nere do wells which gained him the name of “The Butcher” in certain circles. One night the crewmen of the Dorset Star brought a wounded Captain Howl to him. He managed to stop the Captain’s bleeding and realised that he could make more money from disposing of Captain Howl’s booty than selling quack remedies to the local gentry. He adopted the life of a smuggler and fence and occasionally accompanies the crew on their voyages as ships Doctor. His favourite weapon is the blunderbuss.. To quote Dr Valentine “A Blunderbuss… when you absolutely, positively have to kill every lobcock and beard splitter in the room”

Eleanor “Bentoo” Valentine – Doctors Wife and Smuggler

EleanorGirlEleanorBoyMorgan led her astray into the world of smuggling and the thrill of danger. She surprised him by taking to the life with alacrity, finding the life all too exciting after her sheltered upbringing. So far she has evaded the attentions of the revenue men by playing the respectable wife of a doctor. She invites visiting ships captains to take tea whilst the rest of the crew raid the ship’s holds. Sometimes she dons mens clothing so she can accompany crew on the Dorset Star calling herself Ben. When she does the crew call her “Bentoo” so as not to confuse her with “Little Ben”


John “Maximus” Belemont – Shipwright

522002_466174520060896_277129555_n[1]Maximus speaks like a lord, fights like a street brawler and wenches like a devil. Born of a moneyed family he fell to Cap’n Howls sword and is indentured for ten years. Despite being well born he has taken to the life of a pirate with gusto.Having seen his banker father’s dealings with the lower end of the social spectrum he realised there was more loot and excitement to be had on board ship than sitting behind a desk counting other people’s money. He’s found he has a talent for woodwork and has become the ships carpenter.


The Bascomb Bobs Gang

The Bobs

The Bascomb Bobs, the Captain and Friends

The Bascomb Bobs are a gang of female pickpockets and doxies that are under the protection of Captain Howl. They ply their trade in the Plume of Feathers and the Antelope Inn in Poole. The Captain uses them to keep an eye on the Woolhouse near the quay where he stores his ill gotten gains. The gang also uses the five secret passages in the Plume of Feathers to transport contraband under the very feet of the Revenue officers. They have taken Kitty under their wing but they haven’t realised yet how murderous her rages can be.

Grace Sutton

Grace Grace is the leader of the gang and is also the Captain’s wench. Grace grew up in Poole and has never even left the town. While she makes a living at her trade she wishes for something better. She looks to the Captain to provide this change of lifestyle. Handy with a dagger she is not to be trifled with and is the cause of many a body found floating in the quay on a Sunday morning.

The Prague sisters Hope and Fortune.



Hope uses her womanly wiles on men and lulls them into a drunken stupor. She is especially popular with the revenue men and uses her talents to extract useful information from them. With her sister they rob unsuspecting seamen blind leaving them unconscious in alleyways. She keeps a small pistol handy for emergencies. Hope stands in as the Captain’s other wench when Grace is not around. Though Grace tolerates this she is not happy with the situation.




Fortune is the more boisterous of the sisters but equally as popular with visiting sailors. Matching them draught for draught in drinking contests she robs them blind once they have collapsed in a heap. Talented with hair pin and knife she is not a girl you want to cross.

Never leave your drink unattended around these sisters.


Kitty Liddell

Kitty was born in Bedlam to an insane mother who had been attacked by her brute of a husband. She grew up within the confines of Bedlam. Escaping on her first trip to the outside world she has survived by her wits on the streets. She has recently been taken in by the Bascomb Bobs who are teaching her how to pick pockets and play the Panel Game without getting caught. One of her first clients was John Belemont who she immediately fell in love with. She has inherited some of her mothers madness and is given to jealous rages which John has yet to experience.

Mrs Miggins the Ships Cat

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMrs Miggins the ships cat. Lost an eye and leg in a fierce exchange with a Frenchie sloop. Still a good ratter.