The Crew of the Dorset Star

Cap’n Howl

Cap'n Howl
Cap’n Howl


Women love him… Men want to be him… at least those who are not trying to cut his throat. No one knows his first name when asked he simply says “Cap’n and don’t you forget it”. Notorious for his cruelty he duels with potential crew members offers them a choice between servitude or death. Hunted by the French, Spanish and English he is safe in only the most lawless of ports.


William “The Weasel” Roberts

The Weasel
Will Roberts grew up in a poor but respectable family in Poole. Apprenticed to the merchant ship The Warwich he enjoyed life at sea until he found himself caught by pirates and consigned to hold with the rest of the crew. Despair turned to hope when the sound of canon and fighting aboard the pirate ship led the captured crew to believe that rescue by the navy was imminent. However once released he found that he had simply changed captors. Cap’n Howl offered the crew a choice death or servitude about the Dorset Star. Will chose life and has not looked back since. Will can turn his hand to anything and has become a useful member of the crew. Unfortunately he has been caught several times impersonating Cap’n Howl much to the captain’s annoyance.


John “The Preacher” Selby

John "The Preacher" Selb
John “The Preacher” Selb

Bigoted, intolerant and obsessed with witches the Preacher ostensibly looks after the spiritual needs of the crew. Born in Poole and orphaned at the age of 10 he was taken to America by a puritan family and grew up in Boston. He served as preacher aboard several American ships until he crossed paths with Cap’n Howl in a hard won fight he was bested by the Captain. Impressed by the preacher’s fighting ability the Cap’n offered 10 years service or death. The Preacher chose life fully intending to betray Cap’n Howl at the earliest opportunity.

Thomas Thumper Ships Gunner
Tommy Thumper’s life was forever changed by a chance encounter with Cap’n Howl in a drunken brawl.
Foolishly drawing a sword on the captain he was quickly bested and found himself facing the choice of instant death or fifteen years servitude. Tom looks back on that day and realises that maybe it wasn’t a bad choice. The captain teaches him swordplay and he finds himself enjoying the life of piracy more and more.

Morgan Valentine Ships Surgeon
Eleanor Valentine Apothecary, glove smuggler and wife of Morgan

481932_10151108410907193_1698745008_nEleanor met Morgan when he was an apprentice to her father. Morgan led her astray into the world of smuggling and the thrill of danger. She surprised him by taking to the life with alacrity, finding the life all too exciting after her sheltered upbringing. So far she has evaded the attentions of the revenue men by playing the respectable wife of a doctor. She invites visiting ships captains to take tea whilst the rest of the crew raid the ship’s holds.


John “Maximus” Belemont shipwright

522002_466174520060896_277129555_n[1]Maximus speaks like a lord, fights like a street brawler and wenches like a devil. Born of a moneyed family he fell to Cap’n Howls sword and is indentured for ten years. Despite being well born he has taken to the life of a pirate with gusto.


Kitty Liddell


Kitty was born in Bedlam to an insane whore who serviced both the inmates and the gaolers. Escaping at the age of sixteen she has survived by selling herself on the streets.

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