Old Norse Pronounciation

You will see old Norse names and words written with various accents and such. This page gives you an idea of how the words should be pronounced.

a – as in “law”
á – as in “father”
e – as i in “gin”
é – as ay in “day”
i – as in “is”
í – ee as in “speed”
o – as in “omit”
ó – as in “owe”
Ø, ö – as in “not”
u – oo, as in “soot”
ú – oo, as in “droop”
y – u, as in French tu
ý – u, as in German Tür
ae – e as in “get”
au – ou as in “house”
ei – ay as in “day”
ey – as in ei
dh – a soft th as in “leather”
f – pronounced as English initially, as English v in medial and final positions.
g – hard as in “give”
j – always as English y
ng – as in “sing”
r – trilled; r on the end of the word is not given an extra syllabe.
s – always voiceless, as in “blast”
th – as in “thorn”
z – pronounced as ts (as in German)